Re-energize your team and gain new perspectives for 2020 ORGANIZE AN END -OF-YEAR RETREAT FOR YOUR COMPANY


Let’s assist your organization in facilitating an organization-wide end-of-year retreat to provide invaluable opportunities to step back from the mundane workday and gain new perspectives on your strategy for the coming year, effective communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving.


An organization-wide end-of-year retreat will provide an opportunity to not only clarify the company’s priorities but also sharpen the team’s focus, and boost morale, which will ultimately increase productivity. It will provide effective planning and problem-solving sessions away from daily work distractions, and a more relaxed and innovative thinking environment for better brain-storming, decision making and team collaboration.

By scheduling an occasional outing for its team, an organization can build connections, review its past performance and challenges, communicate its most important ideas for the future and boost staff morale


We’ll work collaboratively with you all the way:

Our team of consultants will work with you through the following:

  • Review of the information to be shared
  • Assist in defining the retreat objectives
  • Assist with planning the retreat
  • Facilitate the retreat
  • Develop post-retreat report



  • Team Building

Our retreat futures a variety of Team Building activities that go a long way towards creating a deeper sense of belonging and togetherness amongst staff. These activities which are actually fun the creates a sense of, ‘we are all in this together’.

  • Take people out of the Stress Ball

By taking people away from the typically stressful work environment, we will give your staff the opportunity to decompress all over again.

  • Improve Company Morale

We understand that, just because a company pays its staff doesn’t mean that they are going to give the it their all. Our retreat provides an opportunity to remind employees that the company cares about their well-being.

  • Time for Reflection

Reflection is the most fundamental step through which, each and every person is able to get better at what they do. Our retreat will be structured to allow everyone look back at what they have done in the past few months (individually and collectively) while considering how to improve.

  • Plan for the future

Our retreats are a perfect platform bring staff into the plans for the future by openly communicating the goals and expectations, in an environment where everyone has open ears.

  • Unveil Hidden Talents

Our team retreats feature a number of group tasks that that just don’t happen in the normal office environment. New skills can be unveiled and people could even bond on over similar interests.

  • Opportunity to say Thank you

Our retreats provide a suitable opportunity for the company to say thank you to its employees. Gifts and awards can be given based on previous performance and commitment.



All Staff



  • Participants will do some team bonding activities
  • Participants will be introduced to problem solving techniques
  • Participants will be syndicated into work groups
  • Participants will itemize the challenges faced in the present year
  • Participants will propose solutions to challenges
  • Management will share plans and other information
  • Recognition and Awards



CK&A will produce and deliver report stating the challenges and the proposed solutions. As well as other issues pertinent to the whole process



Any Resort-like place in Abuja with Conferencing facility and outdoor space for team bonding activities



  • Preparation Activities: 2 Days
  • Retreat: 1 day


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