Support to ECOWAS Commission

Support to ECOWAS Commission

More Information: The project was a contract to Christopher-Kings and Associates by Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It entailed providing support to all directorates of the ECOWAS Commission on the following:
1. Creation of a Results Based Budget Coding structure for integration of Budgets into the Business Intelligence Platform;
2. Creation of coded versions of the Results Based Budget templates for all Directorates of the Commission to be used as a Non-SAP module in the Business Intelligence Platform;
3. Review the 2018 Work Programs and for all Directorates using a Result Based Management approach in a participatory way;
4. Guide the Directorates through the process to ensure strategic alignment between the work programs and the higher-level goals and objectives of the CSF;
5. Assist Directorates in developing framework for Monitoring and Evaluation of programs, projects and activities;
6. Preparation of the 2018 Work Plan and Calendar for the ECOWAS Commission;

About Project: The project entailed providing support to all directorates of the ECOWAS Commission in the creation of coding structure for integration of budget into the business intelligence platform, review of 2018 work programs, developing framework for monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects and activities, and more.

Client: GIZ

Role: Lead Consultant

Job Description: Development/Reviews on Result Based Management

Project Date: Nov, 2017


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