Our Organizational Development and People Solutions are aimed at creating value for our client’s businesses through people. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to enable us deliver tailor made organizational development and people management solutions to our clients.
Each of our services listed below is designed to help our clients develop high performing individuals and teams and ensuring their alignment with the strategic objectives of the organisation.


Strategic Change Management

Business transformation addresses the need for a new organizational design, culture, and behaviour, as well as the right leadership and talent to position for growth or react to changing market conditions. At CK&A, we offer capabilities, proven tools and methods to help you plan and execute programs of change, whether the program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs. We offer a comprehensive approach to organizational transformations that helps leaders achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption to the business.
With our distinctive set of services and deeply skilled change professionals, we focus on change strategy and enabling change—resulting in the adoption of new behaviours and mindsets by individuals and teams.

Organization Design

CK&A offers organization designs based on a deep understanding of a company’s business objectives, as well as the internal and external factors that drive performance and success. Our consultants help clients design organizations to create direct alignment with strategy and business model, as well as reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health.
Our organization design services include:

  • Organization design, job design and workforce transition
  • Efficiency assessment, workforce sizing and planning
  • Decision rights
  • Shared vision and goal alignment.
  • Bridging talent and productivity gap with human capital strategies

Team Development

CK&A assists our clients to develop their team and establish the working rhythms, processes and agreements needed to supply the framework for a strong organization and propel them to their full potential. We help teams understand the relationship between what it wants to accomplish and how it works together, as well as find ways to increase its effectiveness and elevate what it can achieve.
We work collaboratively with clients to help teams define and align on their vision, strategy and goals, and to gain a clear understanding of what drives team success (or prevents it) especially during critical times.
As part of our Team Development programs, we offer Executive retreats and off-sites which provide an immersive and interactive experience designed to help a team achieve specific breakthroughs.

Business Process Design

Organisations are not static things; changes are constantly taking place in corporate environment. An organisation’s survival and continuity therefore depends on its ability to adapt its processes according to emerging and planned changes. Our teams of consultants are experts at providing bespoke improvement methodology to analyze, redesign and devise a redeveloped and fine-tuned set of processes for your organization –That way, your processes deliver greater value, your resources are optimized and you deliver more with less.
Essentially we:

  • Identify process owners
  • Assess both internal and external customer requirements and expectations
  • Map the existing processes
  • Validate existing processes with process owners
  • Conduct a capability analysis of the processes
  • Identify industry standard processes (benchmarking)
  • Identification of gaps between existing and industry standard processes
  • Redesign the processes using a customer driven approach
  • Review with stakeholders and document feedback
  • Implement and test


HR Advisory

CK&A support its clients towards ensuring HR alignment with business goals. Our methodologies utilize best practices that are geared towards improved recruitment models, ensuring core HR processes which are based on global practices are adapted to suit local needs, as well as proper categorization and grouping of HR services for better outsourcing, taking advantage of time and cost saving opportunities, and improved talent management. Our HR advisory services include.

  • HR policy development
  • Job design and management
  • Benefits and rewards benchmarking
  • Staff Audits
  • Competency Development
  • Performance Management
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement



Capacity Building

Christopher-Kings & Associates capacity development solutions help organizations to gain return on loyalty, creativity and productivity from its workforce. To do this, we typically use a model that best highlights the necessary steps to deliver effective training and development programmes.

Our Training Approach:

  • Ascertain the Organizations Objectives
  • Conduct a training Needs Assessment to identify capacity gaps
  • Define Training Objectives
  • Select the employees to be trained
  • Select the Training Methods and Mode
  • Choose an Evaluation method
  • Conduct Training
  • Evaluate the Training