Corporate and Business Strategy Development

Many organizations are setup for a specific purpose. However, activating this purpose through their strategies and realizing its full value tends to pose the greater challenge. Our aim to help our clients to successfully redefine their purpose and galvanize them into action. To achieve this, we will work with your team to define a business strategy that will not only inspire your customers but stimulate your employees into action.
CK&A Strategy Advisory Line of service offers wide-ranging advice and support to organizations towards of reviewing and re-defining their strategy Assessing corporate portfolio of business units, identifying key success factors for your business and develop strategies and implementation plans. We offer services in areas such as:

  • Strategic Planning and Road Mapping
  • Brand strategy, growth, and innovation
  • Functional strategy
  • Growth and Expansion Strategy
  • Digital Strategy

Using our strategic and transformation driven consultancy approaches, our teams will aid the staff and management to deliver goal-oriented results and generally improve their business performance. We will help you focus on business performance and bring about the necessary changes required for sustainable growth.

Another area we are passionate about is Organizational effectiveness. We believe that, for an organization to achieve its strategic goals, the workforce must work collaboratively towards the achievement of these goals. We believe that for this to be possible the strategy and the structure must be woven together seamlessly. Our teams work with clients to ensure there is proper alignment between their strategy and structure. We offer to look into areas such as organizational design, leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development.

Cascading Strategy and creating Strategic Alignment

We assist our clients in aligning their Departmental, Unit and individual objectives and goals with the overarching strategic objectives of the organization. This cascading process helps our clients achieve better coordination and alignment of initiatives for achieving meaningful results in relation to the organizations vision. It also enhances communication and regular feedback as well as contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.

Strategy Execution Support

CK&A Strategic Execution support teams help organizations put plans and strategies into action to reach desired goals. We will work with you to detail the steps; the who, where, when, and how of achieving corporate goals as well as includes feedback and progress reports to ensure that the plan is on track. Our strategic implementation support services include:

Strategic Communications
One thing some companies tend to leave out after defining their strategic goals and mapping out the objectives, strategies and tactics to reach them, is strategic communication. The typical mistake has been the attempt to address communications individually thereby creating silos in the usual channels such as website, social media platforms, marketing and advertising and P.R. These silo system puts them at risk of disconnected messaging that confuses their potential client base and can negatively impact a organization's reputation.

Our team will assist you develop internal and external communications which support the implementation of your business goals and overall strategy. This integrated communication will ensure the company’s actions, images and messages are in alignment to deliver communications which also resonates with the organisation’s values, policies and philosophies, priority partnerships and helps in building the brand.

Strategy Execution and Performance Measurement Tool
CK&A offers a range of tools that support your strategy execution and performance measurement. Our strategy execution and performance measurement tools will guide you to link your business goals to human performance requirements, and enable your team to focus on executing your plan instead of managing it. The overall objective is to help communicate and execute your strategy across your organization and make your employees more willing and able to participate in achieving your strategic goals.
We can provide your organization with a robust execution platform which integrates tools for Strategic Planning; Goal, Project & Risk Management, Tracking and Reporting.


Business Modelling and Planning

CK&A Business Modelling and Planning process focuses on achieving competitive advantage and enhancing shareholders value. We ensure that our client’s vision, mission and goals are achieved through an integrated approach to strategy, marketing, operational and financial planning. Our business modelling and planning services include:

Business Model transformation
CK&A Business Model Transformation consultants will help your organisation grow by defining and focusing on its core. We notice what might have been overlooked, and offer you insights and solutions accumulated from extensive experience and intimate industry knowledge to create value for your business. We work collaboratively, to help you capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences as we help you set and execute your strategic vision and dramatically improve business performance.

Business Plan development
CK&A has extensive experience in writing business plans for companies in a wide variety of industries. Our team of consultants will help you refine your ideas and mould them into a viable business. We challenge your assumptions, fill gaps in your thinking, do lots of independent research and analysis, formulate business models, tactics, and strategies, as well as help crystalize your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets, and plan for business scalability.
In preparing Business Plans, our team conducts the necessary feasibility studies to provide essential industry and market research information, analysis and projection regarding the business viability and profit potential. The data gathered from these feasibility studies serves as a critical ingredient for developing a suitable Business Plan to address the framework/structure, tactics and strategies for business growth and sustainability.

Financial Plan Development
Financial plans are living documents that are always evolving, and should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. At CK&A, we will work collaboratively with you to develop, review and update your financial plan as we translate your ideas into a financial plan and forecast that will tell you if your strategy is viable, how much investment you need to make it work and how much money you will make. We start by working with you to develop a clear understanding of your long-term life goals and end with a set of recommendations so that you can be better prepared for the road ahead. We develop plans for our clients in an in-depth, collaborative fashion, combining leading technology with the human touch of an experienced and empathetic adviser. The financial plan then becomes the basis and framework for all financial decisions that follow.



Market Strategy

At CK&A, we deliver marketing strategies that are uniquely tailored to each individual business’s needs. Whether you need a full marketing plan, specific advice with a project or help with your ongoing marketing management, we will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that is grounded in metrics, propelled by content and, most of all, tailored to your unique offering and market conditions. Our marketing strategy incorporates the following:
Market Research
At CK&A, we always base proposed research designs on a set of principles reflecting sound market research practices and a deep and current understanding of the technologies, markets and issues. We sets research objectives based on an understanding of the decisions the client needs to make and selects methodologies that best meet the research objectives within the client's time and budget constraints. We then manages and executes the research program at the highest level of professional standards, and draws conclusions and offers actionable and implementable recommendations based on expert analysis of the findings and results of the research, meeting the study objectives.

Marketing Plan
CK&A marketing planning process involves a systematic approach for developing marketing goals, strategy and implementation tactics. We work collaboratively with you to analyse the business situation your firm is facing, research and understand your target clients, position your brand in the marketplace, define and refine your service offerings and design the ideal marketing techniques for your firm. Our marketing plan will reduce risk by adding new facts, provide accountability and give you a competitive advantage.







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Mission Statement

To provide innovative, tailor made consulting solutions to aid our clients maximize their business potential while contributing towards building sustainable businesses in our environment.

Our Core Values

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